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temagami ontario
temagami ontario
temagami ontarioTemagami ATVing Ontario Canada temagami ontario

Temagami ATVing Welcome

Temagami  ATVing Ontario
Temagami ATVing old logging roads.

Temagami  ATVing Ontario
Temagami ATVing more logging roads.

Temagami  ATVing Ontario
Temagami ATVing late fall just before the winter snow.

Temagami  ATVing Ontario
Temagami ATVing back roads.

Temagami  ATVing Ontario
Camping and Temagami ATVing we have the place.

Temagami  ATVing Ontario
Miles and miles of Temagami logging roads for your ATVing pleasure.

Temagami  ATVing Ontario
Take an adventure into Marten River Ontario and enjoy some of the most scenic backcountry rides!

Temagami  ATVing Ontario
Come join us for an Temagami ATVing vacation that will take your breath away.

Vacation Temagami a Great Canadian vacation destination.

Vacation - Temagami - Vacation
Hot Spot.


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Temagami ATVing Getaway
Check out the FALL colors At Ravenscroft Lodge and enjoy!





Temagami ATVing Getaway


Temagami ATVing
Temagami ATV Adventures Temagami Northern Ontario

46°53'N 79°45'W

Isn’t it time you finally got away for that Temagami ATVing vacation?

4-Wheeling Temagami ATVing there’s lots to do in Temagami northern Ontario

Are you looking for some Temagami ATVing excitement?

With miles of Temagami trails that begin right here at Temagami ATVing. Trails vary to accommodate everyone from ATVing beginners or the experienced rider. Pack up a lunch and spend some time exploring beautiful Temagami northern wilderness.

ATV trail tours see the beautiful backcountry of Temagami in northern Ontario forest from the seat of an All Terrain Vehicle. If you have never tried Temagami ATVing, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Experienced guides lead the way setting a pace conductive to all riders. Our two person Temagami ATV's allow younger riders to join in the fun. Temagami forest is known for Canada’s most beautiful fall foliage. Wildlife encountered on the trail include Moose, Bear, Lynx, Deer, and more. We ride Temagami ATV trails from Spring to Fall!

  • 2 hour Temagami ATV Wilderness Ride
  • No experience necessary
  • Introductory Orientation
  • Easy to Ride
  • Automatic Transmission
  • 4 Wheel Drive with independent suspension
  • Experienced Temagami ATVing Guides
  • Helmet & Goggles included with the ATV
  • Fun for the entire family

What are the Trail Tour Rules?

  1. All participants must wear a helmet. We provides helmets and goggles or guests may bring their own.
  2. We insist that participants travel at reasonable speed to ensure safety.
  3. All operators must be at least 16 years of age. Those under 18 years of age must have a parent accompanying them.
  4. Participants must take the responsibility to understand the rider orientation.
  5. No drugs or alcohol permitted, and absolutely no riding under the influence.
  6. Each participant must sign a liability waiver.
  7. A $500 security deposit per machine is required. Riders are responsible for damage to their machine regardless of fault.

What should I wear?

ATV riders should wear long pants and sleeves. Boots and gloves are recommended. Rain gear and a bag for extra layers are also recommended as we ride rain or shine.

What time does the tour start?

Tours usually start at 10 am, however afternoon and evening tours can be arranged by special reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?

Trail tour and cottage refunds will be given with either a 30-day notice of cancellation or due to unsuitable conditions determined by Ridgewood Cottage Resort.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

We takes precautions to ensure the safety of our guests. However hazards do exist in our adventure activities. As our guest, you are agreeing to take our trips at your own risk. We require that you acknowledge these risks by reading and signing a liability release prior to departure.

Can I bring my own ATV to ride?

Yes. If members of your group are participating in a trail tour, then you can join the group with your ATV. A shuttle fee will be charged if applicable.

Is driving an ATV difficult?

All of our ATV's are automatic. If you can drive a car you can ride an ATV.

Do I need a driver's license to drive an ATV?

Yes. We require that you provide us with a valid driver's license.

How old must children be to ride on the two person ATV's?

The age of the child may vary depending on the child's ability to securely place feet on the riding platform. Children are the responsibility of their parents.

Do you have multi-day trips?

Yes. We can customize private tours to ride to overnight destinations as well as visit trail systems outside of our immediate area.

ATV Operation in Temagami Ontario When used safely and wisely an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) can provide a source of fun and family recreation. When used unwisely by an untrained, inexperienced operator, an all-terrain vehicle can be very dangerous. With safety in mind, an all-terrain vehicle can be a useful tool for work and a great means of exploring the Temagami outdoors. It is the responsibility of all ATV operators to make the sport a safe one. Take an ATV Safety Course!

ATV Safety Tips

  • Never consume alcohol or drugs before or during ATV operation. Consuming alcohol or drugs is a factor in more than 40% of all ATV fatals.
  • Wear your helmet! Almost none of the ATV fatality victims wore a helmet; had they done so the end result could have been much different.
  • Avoid excessive speeds. Travel at a speed appropriate for the terrain, visibility conditions, and your experience.
  • Do not attempt wheelies, jumps, or other stunts. These can have disastrous results.
  • ATVs are for off-road use only. Never operate an ATV on public roads unless the law permits it and you use extreme caution. In general, riding an ATV on a roadway or in a ditch is prohibited, but there are times that it is allowed. See the entire rules booklet for further guidance and then check with your local officials for exceptions.
  • ATVs are designed for one operator only. Never carry a passenger unless the machine is specifically manufactured for a second person.
  • Protective clothing is a necessity. Always wear an approved motorcycle helmet, eye protection, boots, gloves, long pants and a long sleeved shirt or jacket.


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Looking for a place to ride your ATV?

We are your ideal Temagami ATV Getaway destination. Offering ATV Rentals as well as cottage rentals, we are here to help you plan your next ATV vacation!

Just come and ride with us... at your own speed with your friends and family on our One Day ATV Tours in Temagami northern Ontario Canada.

Temagami ATVing Getaway   Temagami ATVing with Northland Paradise Lodge   Northland Paradise Lodge Temagami    ATV begins in Temagami at Northland Paradise Lodge. - It doesn't get any better or easier than this reserve your ATV lodging, and ride right from your front door onto the ATV Trails!
Experience Temagami ATVing with a guide who emphasizes safety, security, pleasure and lots of photo opportunities. You will have the ATVing freedom to explore...

Temagami ATVing Vacation    Camp Richfield in Marten River     Temagami ATV Fun at Camp RichfieldCheck into a cabin or the main lodge for a weekend or longer. We have ATV trails leading from our front door to the Temagami wilderness area. There is no need to load your ATV's on trailers each day. Bring your camera there are moose, bear and other animals in the area.

Temagami ATVing Getaway
Temagami ATVing offers the opportunity for exciting ATV experiences all year round. Explore our back country trails for an unforgettable adventure.

Temagami ATVing  Vacation

Happy Holiday Campground & Cottages     Happy Holiday Campground & Cottages    ATV Trails: It is now legal to ride an ATV on any road in the Municipality of Temagami. As a result, our quests have direct access to hundreds of miles of excellent trails.

Need a ATV fall get away? Escape the hectic routine of your daily life and come ride Marten River Ontario

Temagami ATV Vacation

Timberlane Cottage Resort     Timberlane Cottage Resort    Temagami and Marten River ATV Get Aways is your resource for ATV Vacation Packages And Home To The Greatest Temagami ATV Trails. Come join us for some of the most amazing ATV riding in northern Ontario.

Temagami ATVing  Vacation

Atv - Ravenscroft Lodge Temagami    Temagami ATVing from your front door at Ravenscroft Lodge    We have hundreds of miles of trails the best ATVing in Temagami, give us a call! It's a great way to meet others who share your passion for ATV riding.

Families and kids are welcome on our ATV Tours

Family vacations are important. But it's hard to make everyone in the family happy.

Boy, do we have ATV trails. Hundreds and hundreds of miles of Atv trails. What do you like to do with your ATV? You've come to the right place "TEMAGAMI". This county is blessed with many ATV clubs whose primary goal is to enjoy these same ATV activities. They work hard to create, wonderful trails and routes you can explore, and our ATV trail system includes access to many of our best natural attractions, including our campgrounds, lodges, resorts, parks, and lakes! So start exploring, GO ATVing!

We are your ideal Temagami ATV Getaway destination. We are here to help you plan your next Temagami ATV Getaway!   

For that relaxing Temagami ATVing getaway that is way past due !!

Call 705-569-3865 today for your reservation for that Temagami ATVing vacation that you will remember.

Email us:

Temagami ATVing  Fall getaway vacation

Check out the FALL colors of Temagami!

Get Away in Northern Ontario this Autumn see the colors.

Fall Colours in Temagami Northern Ontario Canada

Temagami Fall Colours
Fall ATV getaway vacation in Temagami with our new ATV

A fall getaway, why not try it some time? When vacationers will experience the most beautiful scenery northern Ontario has to offer. The forests of Temagami and area are putting on a brilliant autumn show and you are invited. Mid September to early October is the time when the reds, oranges, bronze and golds of the old growth explode with color. Getaway to Ontario's Near North vacation area and enjoy the fall colors with usi. Relax, the camp is quiet, the weather is perfect, the bugs are gone! Cottage rental accommodations are readily available. The evenings are cooler, a nice time to enjoy a cozy fire sitting around the firepit star gazing. Fall is a great time for Temagami fishing and perfect time for canoeing through our back lakes, communing with nature. A fall vacation getaway, book now for special discount rates.

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We have it all in Temagami!

temagami ontario
temagami ontario
temagami ontarioTemagami ATVing Ontario Canada temagami ontario

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